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Au pair China - your unforgettable year in celestial

China is now one of the leading countries in the world, and learning Chinese is becoming more and more popular every year. Now, this can be done as simple and interesting as possible by participating in the program Au pair in China. In addition, it makes it possible to study not only Chinese but also practice English while living with a host Chinesse family for a period from 3 months to 1 year.

English and Danish can be simultaniously learned while being au pair in Denmark.

Au pair China requirements

Au pair China 18-30 years
Au pair China know foreign language
Au pair China childcare experience
Au pair China without bad habits
Au pair China be active
Au pair China driving license
Au pair China become a part of the host family
Au pair China do not have own children

Au pair China duties and responsibilities

The main responsibility of an au pair in China is working with children and communicating in English. In addition, your main responsibilities will include: taking / picking up from kindergarten or school, helping with lessons or homework, collecting toys or things in the children's room. In general, the main responsibilities are all that will relate to working with children. In addition to taking care of the children, the host family will expect you to do some light housework (wash clothes in the machine, hang and dry, put them in boxes in the children's room). Au pair needs to make sandwiches for children, if you know how to cook food - a plus in your presentation to a potential host Chinese family.

Au pair China salary

An au pair in China receives pocket money from 2000 CNY (around 310 USD). Compensation for an air ticket will be a good bonus to pocket money. The cost of the return depends on the duration of the program. If you stay 6 months, the host family will buy a return ticket and if the au pair China program duration is 12 months, the Chinesse family will cover the round trip ticket. In addition, the family pays for Chinese language courses.

Au pair China cost

Au pair China price on average is $ 450. The cost of the program is fully repaid in a month and a half and if you live in China for at least 6 months, you can save on the return flight. The 12-month program will give you a better understanding of the country and the ability to cover the cost of a roundtrip flight.

What you get:
Au pair China 1500 yuan / month
Au pair China language learning
Au pair China private room
Au pair China insurance
Au pair China 3 meals a day
Au pair China 1-2 days off
Au pair China monthly ticket
Au pair China time to travel
Au pair China refund for the ticket at the end of the program
Au pair China participation in cultural events
Au pair China opportunity to extend residence in the country

Au pair China conditions

The Au Pair program in China implies 25-30 working hours per week, compulsory paid weekends and holidays, during which there is an opportunity to travel around the country, getting to know its culture, traditions and customs. To Become an au pair in China is also beneficial because, in addition to free accommodation and meals in the country, paid insurance and the opportunity to travel around the country in your free time, you will also receive pocket money.

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Au pair in China


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