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How to become au pair in Swiss: information, eligibility requirements

Au pair in Switzerland will help you get to know the traditions, culture of the country, immerse yourself in the language environment, where you can practice up to 4 foreign languages.

You have dreamt long of visiting the country of alpine meadows, beautiful mountains, amazing nature, living in Switzerland, learning the true Swiss culture and feeling like a local for a while - become a member of the au pair Switzerland program.

Switzerland is a country with a high standard of living and one of the most expensive to live in. The country is known for its beautiful nature, cozy towns among the Alps with crystal lakes and well-groomed villages.

Each country sets the program requirements for Au Pair and Host Families. Basic information about the Au Pair program in Switzerland is presented on our official website. The main requirements of the program are: have experience in babysitting, good health, not have their own children and not be married.

Au pair Switzerland requirements

Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) 18-25 years
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) know foreign language
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) childcare experience
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) without bad habits
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) be active
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) driving license
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) become a part of the host family
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) do not have own children

You work a maximum of 30 hours a week. The work schedule is discussed by the host family and au pair for the correct and accurate allocation of time. If the au-pair is working on a fixed schedule, the host family is obliged to compensate for the excess hours (for example, provide an extra day off or receive an additional payment). Overworked hours are negotiated by the parties.

Au Pair in Switzerland receives a net amount of CHF 600 - 750 per month pocket money. It is advisable to discuss the Au Pair's salary before signing the contract.

au pair switzerland salary

Au pair participant in Switzerland is released from work during paid leave (4 weeks per year). This vacation can be divided into several periods and used for your own purposes (travel around Switzerland or to the EU countries, if you have homesick then fly to Ukraine for a week or two, and if you study online or in part-time, fly to the exams). In addition every au-pair has at least 1 day off per week (usually on Sunday).

Au Pair in Switzerland is required to attend language courses - one of the main requirements for participation in the program. The language course is selected taking into account the canton of the host family, where 1 of 4 languages ​​prevails. In most cases, the host family pays the full cost of the language course. The minimum number and duration of courses is 120 hours per year.

Au pair contract and insurance - important documents for participation in the program

The Au Pair contract contains basic information, rights and obligations of the parties, work schedule and other rules and clauses. The signed agreement will save you from misunderstandings or unwanted problems in the future, which makes your stay abroad comfortable and safe for both the host family and the au-pair. Also, an au pair contract is needed to open a visa to Switzerland and to obtain other accompanying documents.

In case of misunderstanding between the host family and the au-pair, the agreement contains a clause on termination of the contract. Often, a party must notify the other party within a 14-days period to replace or select an alternative solution.

Au Pairs in Switzerland are registered as employees, accordingly social insurance contributions are provided. These contributions are paid by the au pair and the host family (accident insurance). Insurance should cover accidents, unemployment, sick pay, disability, and retirement.

What you get:
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) 500 - 900 swiss francs / month
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) 3 meals a day
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) language learning
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) private room
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) insurance (50% of cost)
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) monthly ticket
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) family can cover the cost of air ticket
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) 1,5 day off
Au pair Switzerland Reviews | Registration (2023) time to travel

How to become an Au pair in Switzerland

Non-EU residents need to apply for a Swiss visa. Mandatory permits for absolutely all Au Pair program participants are residence and work permits.

A host family must apply for these 2 documents before arriving in the country in order to be an Au Pair in Switzerland. Such permits are issued by the cantonal migration authorities. It takes up to 8 weeks to obtain a work permit in Switzerland.

In addition, at the end of the program Au pair in Switzerland, you will have international experience, which will play an important role in building your future career. If you have enough knowledge of the English language, have already worked with children and you like doing it, you want to improve your knowledge of several foreign languages at once - then the Au pair program in Switzerland is designed just for you.

Au Pair in Switzerland documents

Documents are submitted in English or one of the official languages of Switzerland.

Au pair visa to Switzerland

  1. Passport (valid for the entire duration of the Au Pair's stay abroad)
  2. Signed Au Pair contract
  3. Insurance
  4. Visa Application Form
  5. Work permit

Au pair visa Switzerland

Au pair Switzerland reviews

In order to work in Switzerland, Ukrainians need to register themselves for an identity card (ID card) within 8 days after arriving in the country.

If you plan to be in Switzerland for more than 3 months, then register yourself with the municipality of your host family within 2 weeks of your arrival. Bring the following documents with you: passport, ID card and Au Pair contract.

Apply for a residence permit with the immigration and labor authorities. This document will be valid for the entire duration of the contract up to 12 months. To obtain a permit, you need: a passport, ID card, an agreement with a family, a passport-sized photo and your registration at the local municipality.

Become an Au Pair in Switzerland for a deeper study of the culture of the host country with the possibility of improving several foreign languages.

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