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Internship abroad: general information about international programs

Internships abroad are programs that allow you to reveal yourself as a specialist and gain valuable work experience abroad. Professional internships are best suited for a young person who speaks English, graduated from university no later than a year ago, or has at least 3 years of experience in the concrete industry. If you do not meet the stated requirements of the internship program, there is an opportunity to apply yourself on work and study programs, during which you will improve your communication skills.

An international internship is a good idea to temporarily live and work abroad without significant investment. Trainees gain useful experience in intercultural communication, professional skills and at the same are paid to cover daily life and personal needs. The candidate's elegibilities are not too high - everyone can undergo an internship abroad if one has the appropriate education and desire.

Internships are offered in all kinds of industries: popular - hospitality, HORECA, IT, architecture, marketing and others. The contract is drawn up for 3 - 12 months. In case of a successful internship, the employer will offer an extension of the contract for 2-3 years. Intern age: 20 - 35 years old. The intern works a full week like the other staff members. The main selection criteria are: specialized education, age and knowledge of a foreign language.

Language. Some positions can be taken minimum with an intermediate level of English. During internship abroad, you will interact with locals and colleagues, so improve your language skills.

When choosing an internship, the experience and education of the candidate should be taken into account. Temporary employment in this respect does not differ from permanent employment. A prospective employer will pay attention to a resume with professional and personal achievements, letters of recommendation, portfolio (if available) and the last diploma or trainee certificate.

Professional internship - the signing of a contract by an employer with a student or young specialist who plans to acquire useful skills and improve the profession. At the end of the professional internship, you can stay in the country to continue working. If the employer is satisfied with the internship, he will register as a full-time employee. In this case, you need to submit documentation for a work visa and a residence permit.

Financing. Each internship requires an initial investment. Flight, food and lodging can cost a lot. But the offered vacancies are paid, so you can compensate the costs of the program in the future.

Foreign environment. Traveling is bound to involve culture shock or acclimatization. This is appropriate for internships in developing countries. You will be able to adapt in 2-3 weeks.

Free time. An internship abroad is a chance to get to know the host country, traditions, culture and travel within the country. Do not forget that this is a full-fledged job, not a touristic recreation program. Use your free time to relax and get positive emotions.

Plus in the summary. Your CV will become attractive by completing an internship abroad. The gained international experience will highlight among the candidates and say that you can easily adapt to new conditions and are ready to cooperate with international partners.

Job search in Ukraine. Ukrainian employers appreciate having professional experience abroad, even if the internship lasted 2-6 months. This shows that the candidate at least speaks a foreign language at a sufficient level and is not afraid of difficulties.

You can find an internship through an agency or on your own. The employment bureau will assist candidates with finding an employer, registration, completing the necessary paperwork and applying for the appropriate type of visa. Our services cost money, which guarantees the trainee official employment and the support of a coordinator abroad. When looking for an internship on your own, there is a risk of not getting an answer or running into scammers.

Direct employment abroad may be considerable.