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Paid Internship in an International Company

Internship and Trainee programs abroad

Internship - the period where you can get international experience while working and performing duties. This internship is paid in accordance with the host country's standards, position, skills and abilities. We do not offer volunteering abroad (UK exception), as we understand that your financial costs must be paid off, therefore we only offer a paid position.

Internships abroad for graduates

Internships in international companies are paid programs abroad. The duration of such programs is 6-12 months. The final job is determined by the availability of an open position, the needs of the employer or the demand for graduates. Participation in such programs helps young professionals to become more mature, get the first international experience and show themselves.

Profession internship programs

We will help you find an internship in an international company according to the received or acquired qualifications. We can offer: internship at a hotel abroad, for designers, journalists, architects, IT programmers and young professionals. Foreign professional practice will allow you to better understand the business environment of an international firm, the culture of communication and the management of the organization itself.

Paid internships abroad

If you do not know where to go to work after graduation, consider the option of a paid internship in a foreign company with English language. If the level of English is not enough, we strongly recommend you to improve your knowledge in advance. For example, you plan to start working at the end of the university (from July), then start learning English from the beginning of the academic year (September). It is logical that in order to get an internship and receive money for it, it is necessary to fulfill the assigned tasks and the fixed amount of work by the employer.

How to get an internship in a company

We do not recommend looking for an employer on your own for several reasons. First and foremost is safety. When talking to a potential employer, everything may look and sound great, but what will happen in reality is unknown. Second, even if you can figure out the legality of the employer and decide on the vacancy, you will need to obtain a work visa, and this is a laborious and costly process. To make the whole process goes smoothly and having a safe practice abroad is better to use the services of an official licensed agency.