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Internship in the USA: general information

An internship by profession in the United States implies an internship in an American company after getting education in Ukraine. The program is designed for students who are studying in their last year or graduated no later than 12 months ago.

Working for an American company will allow you to get acquainted with the culture and values ​​of successful corporations. The internship will help develop business skills, learn to think big, and also fulfill the tasks set by the American employer.

If you have a good command of English, then the chances of becoming an intern in the United States will increase significantly.

In fact, internship in the USA is divided into Internship USA and Trainee USA programs, which represent work in various industries of American companies. Such as:

Other directions are considered on an individual basis.

You will understand how teamwork is organized at American enterprises and learn a lot of new and useful things in your specialty. It won't be surprising if we say that the experience gained in a company in the United States is incomparably higher than in Ukraine.

Our company will help you organize an internship in the USA with the least cost of time and nerves.

Duration of the Internship USA program

The duration of the program is determined by your goals and the internship plan, which is approved by the host company.

Minimum 6 and maximum 18 months. On average, an internship in USA lasts 12 months. Work in the United States under the program is paid (from $ 12 per hour), which compensates for the cost of food and accommodation in the United States.

We will select an employer and field of activity in accordance with your specialization or acquired profession, as well as practical official work experience in Ukraine. Help with accommodation options in the USA.

Documents for internship in the USA

  1. a motevation letter to the employer (indicating your expectations from the job and the goals of the internship);
  2. detailed resume;
  3. confirmation of knowledge of the English language (TOEFL minimal score 550) or a written confirmation of your language level from your teacher at the university is enough;
  4. references (from teachers or former employers);
  5. the university diploma and extract with grades;
  6. photo (5x5 - in electronic form).

Internship USA visa

Internship USA visa

Internship or Trainee USA documents

In addition, we will conduct the orientation session before the interview at the American Embassy in Kiev.

According to the terms of the program, there will be time for traveling around the country, and, of course, weekends during the internship.

Internship in the USA reviews

USA internship program FAQ

Can I work in a specific city or state?

- No, this is not provided for by the terms of the program. But you can add your wishes when filling out the questionnaire.

Is internship in the USA paid or not?

- There are both paid and unpaid programs. Will depend on the final position and the terms of the contract. Most internships in the US are paid. Salary starts at $ 12 per hour with a 32-40 hour work week. Overtime is paid more than usual working hours.

What if I lose my job in the United States?

- If the internship in the United States ended through no fault of yours, then the American sponsor will offer the intern an alternative vacancy in another US host business. If the host employer is in another city or state, then you will need to move to this company on your own, having agreed on all the conditions in advance.

Accommodation and food in America

- 80% of employers offer accommodation options. If the proposed options do not fit, you have the right to refuse them, although then you will need to take care of housing in the states on your own in advance. With regard to meals, the intern or trainee independently decides the issue of nutrition. There are times when an employer may offer meals during an internship.

How to successfully complete an internship in the USA?

- We recommend that you show yourself as a proactive, responsible, reliable and mature employee. A curator will be assigned to you, to whom you can ask questions on the topic, ask for advice during the duration of the program.

If the visa expires, can it be renewed on the spot?

- No, it is not possible to extend the J-1 visa in the states. If the employer wants to take you for a longer period (for example, another + 6 months), you will need to return to Ukraine and submit documents to the US embassy in Kyiv. Accordingly, it is better to prepare documents immediately for the 12-month program.