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There are 2 programs in USA:

Program Internship USA is a maximum 12-month practical experience directly related to the Intern’s academic training and degree objectives. The aim of this program is a basic introduction to the work environment. Participating in this program will improve the intern’s understanding of US business practices and methodologies as well as enable the overseas participant to obtain valuable insight into American culture and its society.

Program Trainee USA is a maximum 18 month training experience related to the Trainee’s eduction and experience. This program requires a high level training experience of participant who have an opropriate degree and have already obtained at least 1 year of practical work experience outside the US. The Trainee USA program gives a higher level of experience to those who have already gained experience from previous work.


If you became interested in education programs and internships abroad and would like more information, you can register on the site and we will contact you as soon as possible. In addition, we will be glad to see you in our office where you can get personal consultation for free. Also you may see the pictures of our participants of various cultural exchange programs, receive brochures of educational institutions and have a cup of aromatic coffee.

If there is no our representative in your city we will gladly communicate via e-mail Thanks to our experience in the organization of educational programs and internships we can work with you remotely until your visit to the embassy in Kyiv.

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