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Working as an English teacher in China

We ar the first (in 2012) who proposed the direction: teaching English in China in specialized training centers, schools, kindergartens. To work as an English teacher requires a good knowledge of the English language, the ability to organize a lesson and, of course, love for children. Teaching English in China is not easy, but a high-paying job in China is different from working in Ukraine. The main requirement: a conversational level of English and good looks. During the lessons, 1-2 Chinese teachers who know Chinese and English will help. Teaching English to children consists of following a specially designed methodology approved by an educational institution.

Для кого эта программа?
Teach English to Children in China (2023) 23-45 лет
Teach English to Children in China (2023) высокий уровень английского языка
Teach English to Children in China (2023) креативность
Teach English to Children in China (2023) не меньше 2 лет с момента получения высшего образования

The main goal of the Live and Work program in China is to work with knowledge of English abroad, familiarize Ukrainian youth with China, provide a high-paying job, create comfortable living conditions, and develop oneself as a person.
China is a country of prospects with a strong economy, favorable living standards, friendly population, historical events, resorts and developed tourism.

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Visa Type

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“M” - business visa (30-45 days), “L” - tourist visa (30 days), “X1” - student visa (up to 180 days)

Search for a contract upon arrival in China.

Accommodation indefinitely in a hostel, ILLEGAL EMPLOYMENT, monthly visa renewal and departure to Hong Kong for visa renewal at your own expense, PENALTY / PRISON / DEPORTATION, impossibility to visit the country for up to 10 years.

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"Z" - WORKING VISA (the number of days is regulated by the duration of the contract)

The contract is signed in Ukraine, on the basis of which you receive a work visa in Kiev, accommodation is provided in the apartment by the employer, legal employment (obtaining a temporary residence permit), the possibility of entering / leaving the country with an unlimited number of times, there is no need to change or extend a visa in Hong Kong or in China.

With the growing interest and respect of Chinese people for Western culture and customs, being a foreigner in China is nothing to worry about. The crime rate in the country is minimal due to large penalties and due to the different thinking of people. The only thing perhaps worth fearing is being deceived into the cost of something. The white man is perceived as a rich American and the price will be 2-3 times higher than the market price. But this understanding comes with time and experience. Advice - make Chinese friends as soon as possible - there will be help and support in different situations.

Участник получает:
Teach English to Children in China (2023) 2000-2500$/месяц
Teach English to Children in China (2023) Помощь с жильем
Teach English to Children in China (2023) Официальное трудоустройство
по визе

teaching jobs in china

Prospects in China

You get more according to the contract and the experience that is acquired in the process of work. Variety of offers of additional earnings in other areas throughout the year. Annual compensation of 100% of the cost of an air ticket in any direction.

Medicine in China

China is famous for its medicine and this is not a rumor. In the presence of a Chinese friend or acquaintance, they will provide advice or assistance in a difficult situation, sometimes even free of charge. With an independent way of life, English-speaking hospitals are suitable, in which you can figure it out without difficulties, they will understand and help you.

ATTENTION: the type of visa to work as an English tutor is currently not available for Ukrainians but is possible for English native speakers. If they are convinced that they are working in China under a different type of visa, firstly, you will work only until the first check, at best, deportation and a fine await. In the worst case, in addition to all this, they will still be imprisoned for up to 12 months and banned from entering China for up to 10 years. Therefore, if you want to work correctly and officially as an English teacher abroad, we suggest considering a job as an English teacher in Thailand.