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English teaching jobs in Vietnam

To be a English teacher in Vietnam is for those who like working with children and have enough English knowledge to pass TESOL exam (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).
What is TESOL - is an international certificate of English teacher, which allows you to teach English to non native speakers worldwide.
Studying duration is 1 month.
You will be offered Vietnam teaching jobs in local centeres, schools or kindergartens, once you succesfully complete the TESOL course. What you need is to conduct lessons to kids. The salary is 14$ - 35$ per hour. The hourly wage will depend upon your qualifications and skills. Average monthly income: 1200$-1400$.
The accommodation can be paid by the employer. Normally the accommodation are provided in separate apartments or in the premises of the school or education center.

Should yo want teaching english in Vietnam, you need to do the following:

The first step is to be interviewed (English test) by us. We register you on the program and provide you available dates for TESOL coгrse. After that you will be interviewed by our partner.

Vietnam, as a country, attracts tourists with its culture, way of life and location. To learn or study English in Vietnam is of high demand upon the locals. That is why we are happy to propose you an opportunity to be a tourist, student and teacher at the same time, to get acquainted with new friends and to get international experience.