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Visa au pair definition and type - how to get an au-pair visa

What kind of visa is needed for an Au Pair

Obtaining an Au pair visa is a simple bureaucratic step, a formality. It allows you to stay in a country (or in a group of countries that have entered into a Schengen agreement) for up to 12 months. This is often a type D visa.

In the United States, a visa can be extended for a period of 6 to 12 months. To accomplish this, one does not need not return to Ukraine but extend it in the host country. We recommend extending your visa in advance.

The visa has national status. It allows you to engage in activities as an au pair, which is not a job. The reward for your daily tasks is not a salary, but pocket money that is not even taxed. Therefore, with this visa you will not be able to work elsewhere.

What documents are required for an Au Pair

  1. Au pair application
  2. Host family letter
  3. Photo collage
  4. Childcare references
  5. Medical certificate
  6. Confirmation of knowledge of a foreign language

Au Pair documents

What you need to get a visa

Knowledge of a foreign language, because the application is drawn up in the language of the host country. In Belgium or the Netherlands, you can write it in English.
Also, to obtain a visa, you need a valid international passport and a passport of a Ukrainian citizen.
The rest of the documents (contract with the family, insurance, residence permit) are drawn up by a partner organization that submits documents on behalf of the family.

Where to apply

Au pair visa application must be submitted in person to the consulate or through an accredited visa center. These official visa centers charge a visa service fee. On average, the cost of the visa fee ranges from 30 to 50 euros in hryvnias.

Au Pair visa fees

Many embassies of the Schengen countries have a visa fee. However, Germany - au pair visa is free of charge.

France - 99 euros. The closest country is Belgium, which has a visa fee of 180 euros, which undoubtedly hits the pocket of the future au pairs but has a good financial reward in the future. Here you can receive at least 450 euros of pocket money per month, in contrast to 320 euros in France.

Au Pair visa processing time

The processing time for documents that will only allow you to apply for a visa at the embassy is from two to eight weeks. In practice, the process takes 2-3 weeks.

The visa processing period takes from 1 to 8 weeks, depending on the country. It should be noted that the consulate considers such applications last. Since many people need a tourist visa, an internship visa, for training or short-term work, which require quick decision-making, the priority of Au pair visas is quite low.