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The fact is, that the United States of America attract lots of people from all over the globe. Students, who are full-time enrolled at university and possess sufficient English knowledge, are eligible to participate in the program «Work and Travel USA». There is no secret that America is in a great need of seasonal or service workers, because this is the small business sector, which is one of the main driving forces of the economy. Employment due to the program «Work and Travel USA» is available in hospitality industry or resort areas - hotels, restaurants, amusement parks or other entry-level positions. All overseas participants can collaborate in one team together with their US counterparts either at seasonal or temporarily entry‐level positions while being on their summer university holiday. This program lets the student to earn money for covering travel and living expenses while staying in USA. That’s why such program as «Work and Travel» in USA offers young people the opportunity to combine seasonal paid work with travelling around the United States, whilst having day(s)-off. After completing their work contract all participants are allowed to travel and do sightseeing for a grace period. A SWAT participant receives non-immigrant J-1 visa, which allows to work in USA during his official summer holidays. This exchange program provides a vital opportunity to experience US and American way of life, thereby developing lasting and meaningful relationships. All J-1 students must return to Ukraine upon completion of “Summer Work and Travel USA” program for sharing their exchange experiences with people in their home country.

Only the US Department of State can designate US sponsors for organizing a participant an exchange visitor program, so called “Work and Travel USA”. All designated sponsors have quotas for issuing DS‐2019 forms which allow the overseas students for further applying for a non-immigrant J‐1 visa at US Embassy in the country of their origin.

Work and Travel USA Requirements

age: 18-30
spoken English
currently enrolled full-time student

Benefits of participating in Summer Work and Travel USA Program:

Program Exclusions

All jobs are to be either temporary or seasonal, where possibilities for J-1 students to experience US culture and interact with Americans must be provided. These jobs cannot supersede US workers anyhow. The jobs must adhere to program exclusions and reduce student exchange exposure to hazardous work situations or incidents. Some types of jobs are prohibited for participating in Work and Travel USA program. One can find the detailed list of not permitted job types on the official web-site:

What you get

from $10/hour
necessary documents
support in booking a ticket
time to travel

US sponsor’s duties:

US employer agrees:

As a part of the J-1 Summer Work Travel, US employer understands that:

So, if you want to participate in the program «Work and Travel USA» , you should contact our company. We will help you to collect all the necessary documents, as well as carry out the instructions regarding the interview at the US Embassy. After receiving a visa you can pack your things up, be prepared to the program and, of course, plan your trip and make a list of U.S. cities that you would like to visit the most!


If you became interested in education programs and internships abroad and would like more information, you can register on the site and we will contact you as soon as possible. In addition, we will be glad to see you in our office where you can get personal consultation for free. Also you may see the pictures of our participants of various cultural exchange programs, receive brochures of educational institutions and have a cup of aromatic coffee.

If there is no our representative in your city we will gladly communicate via e-mail Thanks to our experience in the organization of educational programs and internships we can work with you remotely until your visit to the embassy in Kyiv.

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