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How much does the Work and Travel program cost

Work and Travel USA eligibility and documents

Work and Travel USA is an acquaintance with the specifics of the work of companies in the United States of America. The gained experience will be extremely useful in a future career, whether it will be specific professional skills, an understanding of the peculiarities of managing a Western-style company or improved spoken English.

The fact is, that the United States of America attract lots of people from all over the globe. Students, who are full-time enrolled at university and possess sufficient English knowledge are eligible to participate in the program Work and Travel USA. There is no secret that America is in a great need of seasonal or service workers, because this is the small business sector, which is one of the main driving forces of the economy. Employment due to the program Work and Travel USA is available in hospitality industry or resort areas - hotels, restaurants, amusement parks or on other entry-level positions.

Is it worth going with Work and Travel USA this summer

Duration of the program

Usually 3-4 months from May 9 to September 1. The duration of the program is set each year by the US Department of State by December 1 of the current year for the next season. Use the rest of the time (grace period) for travel (see the period on the official website of the US Embassy in Ukraine). We do not recommend using this period if your studying has already begun, as there will be problems at the university and you can be even withdrawn from the university.

Work and Travel USA requirements

Work and Travel USA Requirements
Work And Travel USA (2023) - Work in America ✅ Price age: 18-30
Work And Travel USA (2023) - Work in America ✅ Price spoken English
Work And Travel USA (2023) - Work in America ✅ Price currently enrolled full-time student

Who can take part in the Work and Travel program?

If you are a student of a Ukrainian university (even if you are getting a second higher education) and at least 18 years old - welcome to Work and Travel USA. To live and work in America (from 2 to 4 months), it is desirable to know English at a level sufficient for communication and understanding - intermediate and above. If you are sure that there is a sufficient level of English, feel free to leave an application for participation.

These are the basic Work and Travel USA conditions.

SWT registration

It is advisable to register yourself earlier for a good reason - the price of the program.
It is better to register in advance also in order to pre-select vacancies of work in America.

Summer Work and Travel USA price

The cost can change itself throughout the year. Save money by bringing your friends with you.
Our company offers the following options:

1. Full placement - working contract from our company/US sponsor.

2. Self placement - when you have your own employer.

How much does it cost to participate in the Work and Travel program?

On average, the price of the program is $ 1800 without paying the visa fee, flight and take with you to USA.

Work and Travel documents

DS-2019 Form and J-1 Visa

ds-2019 form

Work and Travel USA is regulated exclusively by the state organization for cultural exchange US Department of State. This organization, according to the laws of the country, sets the annual number of participants, which is regulated by the number of DS-2019 forms. The forms are sold and distributed to accredited US sponsoring companies that are approved by the US government. More than 50 accredited sponsors who, through international partners, organize a program in the United States. List of American designated sponsors. Sponsor position, experience and credibility are closely tied to program cost. TM "Connect Abroad Corporation" has a state license and works only with major sponsors, which guarantees reliability to our clients.

DS-2019 is a nominal form that is issued in the states for a concrete person for further obtaining a J-1 visa.
J-1 is a US nonimmigrant visa. The validity of the visa allows you to work and study. Each participant is obliged to return to Ukraine at the end of the visa period.

what is j-1 visa usa

All overseas participants can collaborate in one team together with their US counterparts either at seasonal or temporarily entry‐level positions while being on their summer university holiday. This program lets the student to earn money for covering travel and living expenses while staying in USA. That’s why such program as Work and Travel in USA offers young people the opportunity to combine seasonal paid work with travelling around the United States, whilst having day(s)-off. After completing their work contract all participants are allowed to travel and do sightseeing for a grace period. A SWAT participant receives non-immigrant J-1 visa, which allows to work in USA during his official summer holidays. This exchange program provides a vital opportunity to experience US and American way of life, thereby developing lasting and meaningful relationships. All J-1 students must return to Ukraine upon completion of “Summer Work and Travel USA” program for sharing their exchange experiences with people in their home country.

Only the US Department of State can designate US sponsors for organizing a participant an exchange visitor program, so called “Work and Travel USA”. All designated sponsors have quotas for issuing DS‐2019 forms which allow the overseas students for further applying for a non-immigrant J‐1 visa at US Embassy in the country of their origin.

Interview at US Embassy in Kyiv

Each student undergoes a personal interview at the US Embassy in Kiev. This is a 5-minute interview during which the visa officer identifies the purpose of the trip. And only according to the results of the interview it becomes clear whether the student is taking part in the program or not. The outcome of it is the visa availability.

Summer jobs in the USA for students

Students are employed in the United States of America, as service personnel, where special skills or education are not required:

These are the main positions where you can work on Work and Travel.

Work and travelling

Work and Travel reviews

Most of the vacancies for students: housekeeper, waiters, lifeguards, at the reception in a hotel, in an amusement park as cashiers or operators.
The minimum number of working hours is 32, with a salary of $ 10 per hour. If overtime is available you will be paid extra money (around +50%).
Each student pays state and federal taxes, the tax percentage varies from state to state and fluctuates (9% - 15%).
According to the law, each participant of Work and Travel USA has the right to get a refund of taxes paid to the USA. This refunded amount can be no earlier than the beginning of the next year. In other words, a student arriving in September will receive money in April next year.
It is forbidden to work as family assistants, nannies. Alaska's fish factories have been banned for students to work since 2013.

Work and Travel USA vacancies

What you get
Work And Travel USA (2023) - Work in America ✅ Price from $12/hour
Work And Travel USA (2023) - Work in America ✅ Price insurance
Work And Travel USA (2023) - Work in America ✅ Price necessary documents
Work And Travel USA (2023) - Work in America ✅ Price support in booking a ticket
Work And Travel USA (2023) - Work in America ✅ Price time to travel


How much can I earn? Depends on the position and the hours of the work contract. As you know, Work and Travel USA is not a program for earnings but is intended for cultural exchange, improving English and getting to know American life.

US Tax Refunds

Taxes are deducted from income and average 10-15%. For example, if the payment is $ 600, taking into account the deduction it will be $ 510-540.
Don't forget to get your US tax refund after finishing the program. Upon returning to Ukraine, our company will be happy to help you return taxes from abroad, which will be an additional bonus to travel next year.


Every participant receives medical insurance for the duration of the work in the United States.

What about traveling

The pleasant part of the program (apart from satisfying work, of course) is travel. There will be time for this, and there is something to see in America, no matter what state you are in.
Travelings on weekends or after completing a work contract. You can get around all states by buying tickets for domestic flights. It is possible to leave the country, for example to Canada or Mexico but this requires the US sponsor's permission.

Work and Travel USA price

TM CAC guarantees its participants

Welcome to the Work and Travel USA program, which will divide life into before and after. This US program will help you gain useful experience, make new acquaintances and look at things more broadly.

How can I go on the Work and Travel program if I am not a student?

It is possible for a non-student to go on a similar program to Spain or Greece.

Is it possible for undergraduates to travel on Work and Travel?

Undergraduates or graduate students can travel on the USA Camp program.

How to participate on Work and Travel program without Ukrainian agency?

It is impossible to take part in the program on your own. You need to contact an official agency that is accredited by the US State Department (Our company is licensed and accredited appropriately).

Can college students be work and travel participants?

No, only students of III-IV levels of university accreditation are allowed.

Is it possible for part-time students to be Work and Travel participants?

No, the program is designated only for full-time students.

The alternative for it is USA Camp program.