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Available vacancies and jobs in Vietnam

Do you work in the hotel and restaurant industry but do not know where to start? We have a solution for you: an internship in Vietnam. The tourist flow to Vietnam is becoming more and more popular among the Russian-speaking population, which favorably affects the creation of jobs for foreigners. Local employers are especially interested in young people. Popular jobs with knowledge of Russian and English in Vietnam. Work in Vietnam for Ukrainians can be found in the following positions.

Work in Vietnam for Ukrainians (2022) Vacancies

Duration of the internship program in Vietnam hotels

Internship program in Vietnamese hotels for 6 and 12 months (you can also go for 9 months).

Local employers will provide you with free meals, accommodation, uniforms, laundry, and if you are active, they can add bonuses (depending on the hotel) during your work in Vietnam. As for accommodation, it can be both in the hotel and outside. If outside the hotel, then the employer will provide you with an apartment or a flat. At the end of your internship, you have the opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation / certificate (upon request).

The process of applying for an internship program in Vietnam

Paid internship in Vietnam for those who thought to visit this wonderful country with minimal investment. By participating in the program, you will gain international experience and offset your costs. Do not postpone your participation in the program until tomorrow if you can do it today.