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Work in Maldives in the hotel and restaurant segment

Ever dreamt of visiting the Maldives? Dreams come true with a paid internship in Maldives. Most of all, young people are in demand in the tourism industry of this beautiful country. Due to the sufficient flow of Russian-speaking tourists, the hotel management invites young people aged 18-35 with knowledge of English and Russian to open vacancies. Work in Maldives for Ukrainians is represented in the hotel and restaurant business and the tourism industry. The most common positions are: reception, sales, hostess, kitchen, waiters, event-makers, housekeeping, cleaning. Current vacancies can be obtained on request.

Duration of the Maldives internship program

The practice can be chosen for 6 or 12 months (a program for 9 months is also available). The duration of the contact and the working conditions are governed by the final work agreement.

During your working practice at a hotel in Maldives, you will have free room and board, uniforms and employer benefits (determined by the hotel). Accommodation can be offered in the hotel or outside. In any case, free accommodation will be offered. Upon completion of the internship at the hotel, upon request, they can issue a personal certificate or letter of recommendation about the internship, which can be a plus and will help in your future career.

Registration process

Salary in Maldives

The average intern's salary is US $ 300, including free room and board.

Work in Maldives reviews

A paid internship in Maldives is a great opportunity to spend a wonderful time in this vibrant country. Your costs will pay off, both in monetary terms and with positive emotions, international experience and new acquaintances. If you thought about it, but did not dare to visit Maldives - call and we will help you take part in the program.


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