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Au pair in Austria - working in an Austrian family

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Au pair program in Austria - 1 amazing year in German speaking country

Au pair Austria program usually lasts up to 1 year. You will be asked to do light housework, grocery shopping or cooking. At the same time, this is also a childcare, including preparation for school or kindergarten, games and entertainment. On average, it will take from 25-30 hours a week, and perhaps a couple of evenings you will be asked to stay and look after the children. Usually the schedule is drawn up individually with each family, so you can agree on your working and free time immediately upon arrival. In turn, the family assumes the responsibility for your maintenance as a full board (includes three meals a day and a separate room). You will always have one free day off every week, although in fact most families let an entire weekend at your disposal.

Au pair Austria requirements

Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration 18-27 years
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration know foreign language
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration childcare experience
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration without bad habits
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration be active
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration driving license
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration become a part of the host family
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration do not have own children

Have you always dreamt of speaking German fluently and visiting a wonderful country with interesting traditions? Then become an au pair in Austria and discover a lot of new and exciting things. Meet new people, get to know the culture and habits of the locals. You have a unique opportunity to live with a real Austrian family and practice German around the clock.

What is Austria like?

Austria is a small treasury of central Europe. A beautiful area, which is surrounded on all sides by snowy peaks and mountain hills, smoothly intersecting with transparent lakes and crystal clear reservoirs. The unsurpassed nature and warm welcoming climate have attracted many tourists for a long time.

In addition, you should be given the opportunity to attend German language courses in Austria. You will receive pocket money and 4 weeks of vacation per year.

Thus, working and living with an Austrian host family, you can not only improve your German, travel around Austria, but also improve your financial well-being and save money for traveling or buying valuable things. By the way, in Austria there is definitely something to buy. Great souvenirs, stunning handicrafts or small “Austria in Miniature” figurines will uniquely decorate first your private room in the host house, and then your living in Ukraine.

What you get:
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration from 438,05 €/month
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration language learning
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration private room
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration insurance
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration 3 meals a day
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration 1-2 days off
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration monthly ticket
Au pair Austria Reviews | Price (2023) Registration time to travel

The impressions and memories that will remain with you after participating in the international cultural exchange au pair in Austria will delight you for a long time even after the end of the contract. In addition, many participants, even after returning home, keep communication and relationships with their host family and also visit each other.

For you, be au pair in Austria is a great chance to gain invaluable experience of communicating with children, meet new people and learn a different culture, traditions, habits.

Living in a foreign country is unthinkable without special insurance, which includes illness, accident and criminal liability insurance. The insurance is deducted from the Austrian au pair's pocket money, the cost of which depends on the insurance company. You can contact your host family directly for assistance with insurance.

Our company legally (signed contracts with partners) represents au pair agencies in Austria. To participate in the Austrian au pair program, you will need to write a motivation letter. Au Pair is an official program approved by the state and the legislation of the country, so it is worthwhile to treat the writing of your autobiography as responsibly as possible. In this letter, you must describe in detail the reasons for your desire to participate in the program, why you chose this particular European country, and also describe your hobbies and interests. If you have an active life position and are involved in any kind of sport, this will be a big plus and can attract more attention to your letter.

Au pair documents for Austria

Au pair Austria cost depends primarily on the application period. If you decide to become an au pair in Austria in March or April a couple of months before the start of the contract, you risk overpaying for urgent submission of documents and an increased demand for services of foreign contracts in Austria.

So, if you send an application for participation in the international au pair exchange program in Austria in advance, then all the funds spent on the program itself, flights and visa costs will pay off from your first salary in the host family. Therefore, it is most profitable to become an au pair in Austria right now.

Start a new life and discover the world in a different way. The au pair program in Austria is a new page on your life path that will be filled only with vivid memories and unforgettable impressions.

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Au-pair Austria costs

Au Pair in Switzerland is a lso a program in German speaking country.