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Au pair Belgium

Au pair Belgium - a year in the heart of Europe

Programa Au-pair Belgium gives everyone a great opportunity to work with children, improve their knowledge of foreign language(s), travel and do sightseeing so within the country as well within the European Union.

Belgium is a wonderful country with great opportunities, picturesque nature and very friendly people. From the very first minutes of your stay in Belgium, you can smell a completely new life, which promises to be saturated only with bright and positive emotions.

How can Belgium surprise you?

First of all, let's take a look at the heart of this amazing country - the city of Brussels. The capital of any country is the central point of almost all travelers. However, Brussels deserves special attention. Dozens of excellent landmarks won't wait for their turn to visit the photo feed of your social network or album.

Au pair Belgium Requirements

Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost 18-25 years
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost know foreign language
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost childcare experience
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost without bad habits
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost be active
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost driving license
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost become a part of the host family
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost do not have own children

Au pair Belgium - what is it?

Have you decided to radically change your life or just want to change your surroundings? Then the Au pair Belgium program is for you! First, you can discover a lot of new things, get to know foreigners, study their mentality, traditions, culture and habits. Secondly, this trip will be useful for improving the level of English, French or Dutch.

As a rule, the Belgium Au pair program is designed for a year. You work about 30 hours a week (that is, 6 working hours 5 days a week) and have 1-2 days off. Some families provide for six days of work. It all depends on your preferences and the complexity of the work. You will receive pocket money from your “parents” for completing simple household chores. On average, you can earn 400-450 euros per month. Despite the fact that you will be able to eat free of charge at the common family table. Therefore, you have the right to spend all this money only on yourself. Buying new things, going to expensive restaurants, traveling to other cities, charity - the choice is yours.

What you get:
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost 450 €/month
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost 90-95% of families cover the cost of air ticket
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost private room
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost insurance
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost 3 meals a day
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost 1-2 days off
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost monthly ticket
Au pair Belgium Requirements | Reviews (2023) Cost time to travel

By participating in the au pair Belgium program you will get:

  1. Live communication skills in English, French or Dutch. You will be in an environment of constant communication in the target language, and you will also be able to attend language courses.
  2. The opportunity to live in a colorful and friendly Belgium for a whole year. By the way, the cost of this trip is quite reasonable. Not a single travel company or voucher will provide such a chance for adequate money.
  3. After this practice, the doors to great opportunities are open for you. There are two main options for the development of events: you can get a high-paying job at home with speaking French or English skills or stay for a while in Belgium and continue your studying at the university in Belgium.
  4. Improving your financial situation. For the entire period of participation in au pair Belgium, you can accumulate a tidy sum from 4800 to 5400 euros. Impressive, isn't it? To earn this amount of money in Ukraine, the average worker will have to work for 2 years.
  5. A private room with the necessary furniture and amenities, as well as 3 meals a day in the family. You will have 1 (minimum) day off per week, during which you are free to do whatever reasonable you want. You can go on a city tour or go shopping around the city.
  6. Ten days of paid and 14 unpaid leave. You can spend these days both with your host family or on your own.

Duties of the participants of the international exchange program Au pair Belgium:

Don't be intimidated by such a long list of future responsibilities. All these assignments do not require heavy physical strength and time-consuming. At first, difficulties may arise with observing the regime and adapting to the new schedule of life but after a couple of weeks you will be able to do several things and at the same time feel fun, cheerful and healthy. You will get so involved and get used to everything that you will not even notice how the Au pair Belgium program will fly by quickly and unnoticed.

Foreign language courses

Language courses in English, French or Dutch are one of the main bonuses that all participants in the international exchange program about Belgium receive. Most host families pay tuition fees. Thus, you will not only get the experience of live communication in a family with children but you will also be able to practice with native speakers of a foreign language in an easy playful way.

Among the most popular and frequently visited places in Brussels, it is worth highlighting:

Of course, this is not the whole list of what you can and should visit in the capital of Belgium. Each memorable place in Brussels does not need a description, since all this needs to be seen only with your own eyes. Having visited this wonderful city, you will be faced with the problem of lack of vocabulary to describe the impressions of your trip to Brussels.

In addition to the chic capital, Belgium can surprise its tourists with other equally beautiful cities. For example, Bruges at first glance can give the impression that you are in a small Belgian Venice. Ancient architecture, beautiful and cozy streets, luxurious bridges passing from one bank to another, and, of course, water channels are located so close that one gets the impression of one solid big river. All this is truly breathtaking from the first second of the journey.

If you love and appreciate the classics, art and old city monuments, then you will definitely like the small town of Liege. This is a beautiful, cozy and fascinating place. Temples, churches, historical monuments, luxurious architectural structures will not leave anyone indifferent. And the unique culture and customs will impress you so much that you will remember your great trip for a long time.

Also, towns such as Antwerp, Ghent, Mechelen, Leuven and the seaside resorts of Ostend and Middelkerk deserve your attention. In any case, wherever you go, there is certainly a lot to see in Belgium.

Au pair Belgium reviews

Connect Abroad Corporation recommends

Before embarking on an exciting journey through Belgium program, you will need to be ready for the following stages:

  1. Fill out an application form in the international cultural exchange program AU-PAIR Belgium and wait for feedback.
  2. Take an English proficiency test.
  3. Sign an agreement with Connect Abroad Corporation.
  4. Collect the required package of documents and obtain a visa at the embassy.
  5. Come and feel the smell of a new bright life from the first minutes.

Au pair Belgium reviews

From the words of experienced participants of the Au pair Belgium program ...

The Au pair program in Belgium is another door to a bright future and an invaluable baggage of experience.

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