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Au pair Finland - work in a Finnish family with knowledge of English

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Au pair Finland - a fabulous year in the land of Santa Claus

Au pair Finland is an international cultural exchange program that gives you the opportunity to live in the country for a year, get to know its population, culture, local customs and traditions.

The main duties of an Au-pair Finland: working with Finnish children as an older sister and doing light household chores. Do not forget about the opportunity to improve your English, as well as learn Finnish attending language courses in Finland and when communicating with locals. It is logical that after a certain time you will have both Finns and international friends with whom you can easily and interesting spend your leisure time and travel together.

To officially work as an au pair in Finland, you need to obtain a residence permit. We will help you with the required documents to apply for a residence permit with a host family in Finland.

Au pair Finland requirements

Au pair Finland 18-30 years
Au pair Finland know foreign language
Au pair Finland childcare experience
Au pair Finland without bad habits
Au pair Finland be active
Au pair Finland driving license
Au pair Finland become a part of the host family
Au pair Finland do not have own children

Au Pair in Finland requirements depend on nationality. To become an au pair in Finland you need to be physically and mentally healthy, unmarried and have no children of your own. Although you need to have experience of working and communicating with children.
Au pair should not have family ties with a potential host family. Have not previously participated in the Au pair Finland program.
If you meet the requirements of the program, we will be happy to help you become an Au pair in Finland.

How to become an Au Pair in Finland - step by step instruction

1. Pass an English test
2. Register on our official website
3. Valid passport
4. Download the required documents (the listing will be emailed)
5. Searching for a host family in Finland
6. Discussion of duties and conditions of the contract (work schedule, salary, days-off and vacation)
7. Sign an au pair agreement in order to officially work in Finland
8. Have a health certificate (3 months before coming to Finland)
9. Certificate of learning Finnish or Swedish

The main duties of Au pair Finland: working with Finnish children as an elder sister and doing light household duties. Do not forget about the possibility of improving your English, as well as the possibility of learning Finnish attending a language course in Finland and when communicating with local residents. It is logical that after a certain time you will get acquainted with Finns and international friends with whom you can easily and interestingly spend your leisure time and also travel together. In order to be officially an au pair in Finland, you must obtain a residence permit. Our company will be able to help you with the documents necessary for applying on a residence permit at Finnish Embassy.

What you get:
Au pair Finland 366 - 417 €/week
Au pair Finland language learning
Au pair Finland private room
Au pair Finland insurance
Au pair Finland 3 meals a day
Au pair Finland 1-2 days off

If you are not a EU citizen, you need to apply for a Finnish residence permit.

Upon arrival in Finland, you need to apply to the police station for registration within 3 months after arrival, if a residence permit in Finland was applied in Ukraine. A residence permit can also be issued while being in the country, but you will need to wait for its issuance for some time.

Already in Finland, you also register at the local Maistraatti office (population information system). Here the ID number will be issued for opening a tax card and a bank account.

Au pair Finland reviews

Never seen the northern lights? The Finnish Aurora is visible about 200 nights annually in Lapland. If you want to learn more about Finnish culture, see the beauty of nature, learn the local language, check out the Au Pair requirements in Finland and become part of the Au Pair program.

Being Au pair in Norway is a program in a neighbor country.


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