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Au pair Norway - work in a Norwegian family with English

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Au pair Norway - an unforgettable year in the land of colorful fjords

Au pair Norway program is aimed at young people who are interested in working with children in Norwegian families. Local beauties, cozy towns and famous amazing fjords will not leave you indifferent to this Scandinavian country. If you want to become an Au Pair in Norway, the first step has been taken, you have opened the official website of the program.

Au pair Norway requirements

Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price 18-30 years
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price know foreign language
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price childcare experience
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price without bad habits
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price be active
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price driving license
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price become a part of the host family
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price do not have own children

Au Pair in Norway: salary and working hours

Salary and working hours are written in every agreement between the Au Pair and the host family.
The program participant receives at least NOK 5,900 per month and income tax is deducted from this amount (we will help you to return the paid taxes in Ukraine). The host family pays income tax for the Au Pair. The total amount of taxes is based on the monthly salary, accommodation and meals in the family.
The family provides time for attending language courses for Au Pair Norway from Ukraine. Au Pair in Norway goes to Norwegian language courses. The host family allocates up to 8400 NOK per year for such courses.
On average, an Au Pair performs 30 working hours per week with 5-6 working hours daily. Other work in Norway is prohibited for the program participant.

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Schedule, weekend, vacation

Au Pair Norway: travel costs

Every au pair buys tickets to Norway herself. The host family covers the return flight.
If the Au pair plans to stay in Norway for longer than specified in the contract or to travel somewhere else, but not to Ukraine, the host family is exempt from buying tickets.

Au Pair Norway agreement

The agreement is the main document without which it is impossible to participate in the program in Norway. The signing of the contract defines and fixes the conditions and obligations of both parties - the au pair and the host family. Be sure that you have agreed on all the terms of cooperation before signing the contract and feel free to sign the contract.
In the event of misunderstandings or conflicts between the program participant and the host family, it is not always easy to find a common solution. If no compromise is found, both parties write a letter of termination of the contract 1 month in advance. Information about termination of the contract is issued at the local police station (where the au pair was previously registered).

What you get:
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price 625 €/month
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price language learning
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price private room
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price insurance
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price 3 meals a day
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price 1-2 days off
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price monthly ticket
Au pair Norway Reviews | Requirements (2023) Price time to travel

Au pair Norway: residence permit

The au-pair must independently apply for a temporary residence permit. You can apply in Ukraine or at the local police office already in Norway. We recommend applying in Kiev, as the process of reviewing and obtaining a permit will be faster than in Norway.
For non-EU Au Pairs, a residence and work permit must be obtained before entering Norway. The application process takes from 8-12 weeks, so the documents must be submitted in advance.
A residence permit and work permit gives the au pair the right to live in Norway for up to 2 years (but not more than the terms specified in the contract).
The program participant can leave and return to Norway during the stay without the need to renew their residence or work permit.
For non-EU / EEA / EFTA nationals, the visa fee is NOK 3500.

What to do as an Au Pair after arriving in Norway

The Au Pair must contact the local police station in the host family's area within 7 days. The au pair will be fingerprinted and photographed. In about 10-14 days, you will receive a residence permit by mail to the address of the host family.
After the police, it is compulsory to register with the tax office of the social security system. They will assign an identification number and a taxpayer card where you will pay income tax, since you will work in Norway. The tax authorities will calculate how much to pay in taxes, where the final amount will be deducted by the host family from your salary.
A Ukrainian driver's license is valid for 6 months in Norway. If you want to drive a car after half a year, you must obtain a Norwegian driver's license in advance.

Au pair Norway reviews

Norway is famous not only for Vikings and picturesque fjords, but also for glaciers and majestic mountains, a huge number of lakes, rivers, waterfalls, sandy beaches, wide bays, national parks and nature reserves. After spending 1 year as an Au pair in a Norwegian family, you will have the opportunity to see the northern lights, the northern sun, get to know the indigenous people - the Sami, see the royal family, and if you're lucky, even see the trolls! Don't waste your time and register now for the Au pair Norway program.

The alternative can be Au pair program in Sweden.