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Au pair Italy - work in an Italian host family with English

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Au pair in Italy - help the family with English and learn Italian

Au pair in Italy - work with children in Italian host families. By communicating with children in English, you will be able to simultaneously learn or improve Italian language. The au pair Italy program will give you an idea of ​​what real la dolce vita is.

Taking part in a cultural exchange program in Italy, you will get acquainted with the history, tradition and customs of the country, taste the authentic Italian cuisine: pasta, pizza and, of course, various wines. Become an au pair in Italy and visit Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and other colorful Italian cities.

Au Pair Italy requirements

Au pair Italy Reviews | Price (2022) Registration 18-30 years
Au pair Italy Reviews | Price (2022) Registration know foreign language
Au pair Italy Reviews | Price (2022) Registration childcare experience
Au pair Italy Reviews | Price (2022) Registration without bad habits
Au pair Italy Reviews | Price (2022) Registration be active
Au pair Italy Reviews | Price (2022) Registration driving license
Au pair Italy Reviews | Price (2022) Registration become a part of the host family
Au pair Italy Reviews | Price (2022) Registration do not have own children

Au Pair Italy contract

To become an au pair in Italy, you must sign an agreement with your host family. The contract must specify the main responsibilities, conditions, working hours and dates of the program. When everything has been discussed and fixed, feel free to sign the document.

If it is impossible to resolve the current situation orally, one of the parties shall notify the other party in writing about the termination of the contract 2 weeks in advance. During this period, au pair will be offered to potential Italian families and the host family will be offered an au pair replacement.

Au Pair in Italy salary, working hours, vacation

Working in Italy for an au pair - 30 hours a week, where the working day is 5-6 hours. The work schedule is flexible with at least 1 day off per week. The main job of an au pair in Italy is looking after a child or children. You need to play, help with lessons and spend time together.

As such, the au pair does not have a salary, but there is a monthly pocket money of 260-300 euros. This money can be spent on personal needs (buying clothes or traveling in Italy or the EU countries) or it can be saved for participation in the next cultural exchange program abroad.

Vacation for short-term (up to 90 days) au pair is not available in Italy. Those who have a program for 6 months are provided with a paid 2 week vacation.

Au Pair Italy visa

There is no au pair visa in Italy. You can be an au pair without a visa (3 months) or with an open tourist visa. If the program is over 90 days, you must apply for a student visa, where you will attend a language school in Italy to study Italian. We will help you to collect documents for applying on a student visa at Italian embassy in Ukraine.

Documents for a student visa in Italy

1. International passport
2. Application
3. Pass photo (3.5x4.5)
4. Invitation from host family
5. Registration for a language course
6. Money allowance for the whole stay in Italy
7. Insurance
8. Booked ticket to Italy

A student visa allows you to obtain a work permit in Italy. If the program is more than 90 days, you need to obtain a residence permit in Italy (permesso di soggiorno) within 8 days upon arrival in the country. Submit the application to the local office of the migration service.

The au pair immediately upon arrival (no later than 48 hours) informs the local public security authority in writing in accordance with Article 7 of the TUI (Testo Unico Immigrazione - D. Lgs. 286/1998).

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