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Au pair Luxembourg - work in a family with a foreign language

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Au Pair Luxembourg - an unforgettable stay in the Grand Duchy

Au Pair in Luxembourg works in a host family with children. The locals speak 4 languages ​​(German, French, Luxembourgish and English). Accordingly, a useful practice of English and a chance to learn another European language. Everyday communication and work with children in a foreign language will increase vocabulary and allow you to better understand the culture, traditions and customs of this nice cozy country.

Au Pair Luxembourg requirements

Au pair Luxembourg Reviews (2023) Price 18-30 years
Au pair Luxembourg Reviews (2023) Price know foreign language
Au pair Luxembourg Reviews (2023) Price childcare experience
Au pair Luxembourg Reviews (2023) Price without bad habits
Au pair Luxembourg Reviews (2023) Price be active
Au pair Luxembourg Reviews (2023) Price driving license
Au pair Luxembourg Reviews (2023) Price become a part of the host family
Au pair Luxembourg Reviews (2023) Price do not have own children

Working hours

An Au Pair in Luxembourg works 5 hours a day with a 6-day working week. The schedule is compiled by the host family and provided in advance so that the program participant can plan the time and stick to it. When au pair works over the mentioned time schedule, the host family will compensate for the overworked hours with days off or will provide an additional payment.

Au Pair salary

An Au Pair in Luxembourg receives 462 euros monthly according to the official information approved by the government. We recommend to open a bank account in Luxembourg so that the host family can transfer pocket money online every month. It is forbidden to work somewhere else or have an additional job.

Weekends and vacation

Each participant of the program is provided with at least 1 day off and 3 free evenings per week. It happens when a full weekend is provided, it is determined by the guest family.
Each Au Pair must spend 6 months with a host family in order to receive a two-week paid vacation depending on the family. When a family goes on vacation and invites you to relax together, it is advisable to clarify whether these days are regarded as vacation days or you will also have to act as an au pair on a joint vacation.

Foreign language courses in Luxembourg

The main requirement of the Au pair program is to attend a language course in Luxembourg. You can choose to study a foreign language is mandatory or take courses on the history and traditions of the country. Attending such courses will help you to understand the country more deeply and make new friends with whom you can spend leisure time.

Au Pair contract

The Au Pair contract is an official document for obtaining permits from the state authorities of Luxembourg. The contract also regulates the relationship and obligations between the program participant and the host family. Early termination of the contract is possible if no solution or way out of a difficult or conflict situation is found. Such termination of the contract should be made 1 month in advance.

Au pair insurance in Luxembourg

The participant is provided with special social insurance for the duration of the whole staying in Luxembourg. The guest family registers the Au Pair with the Center for Social Security (CCSS) and pays the application fees. Based on the results, you receive a confirmation of registration for submission to the National Youth Service within 30 days from the date of arrival.

Luxembourg temporary residence permit

The type of visa is determined by the duration of the program. Less than 3 months you are traveling on a biometric passport. As a rule, the validity of an au pair contract is 12 months.

How to become an Au Pair in Luxembourg

1. Take a test in English or German
2. Sign the contract
3. Fill in the provided questionnaires and files
4. Selection and search for a family in Luxembourg
5. Application for permission to be an Au Pair in Luxembourg
6. Application for temporary residence
6. Apply for a visa
7. Declaration of arrival
8. Obtaining a residence permit
9. Registration in CCSS

The favorable location of Luxembourg opens up travellings to neighboring EU countries and learning of other European languages.

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