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Au pair Sweden - work in a Swedish family with knowledge of English

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Au pair Sweden - an unforgettable year in the Viking kingdom

You will have an excellent opportunity to be Au pair in Sweden, staying in one of the Scandinavian countries and working with the Swedish children. You will also have the opportunity not only to improve English language skills, but also the opportunity to learn Swedish language at language courses in Sweden and also in everyday life.

The au-pair program Sweden is for those interested in Scandinavian culture and languages. The country has borders with Norway, Denmark and Finland. The best way to get to know the country from inside is to become an Au Pair in Sweden.

Sweden is the first country in the world with its own phone number, which you can call and chat with a random Swedish interlocutor in order to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of Swedish culture. And after talking personally with the Swedes, you can get to know the mentality of local residents better. About 90% of the population in Sweden speaks English, so there will be an opportunity to practice English and learn Swedish.

Au pair Sweden requirements

Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price 18-30 years
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price know foreign language
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price childcare experience
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price without bad habits
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price be active
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price driving license
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price become a part of the host family
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price do not have own children

You also need to prove your interest in the Swedish language and culture in order to have a chance to become an Au pair in Sweden.

Au Pair Sweden salary

An Au Pair in Sweden receives a monthly pocket money of 4830 SEK (before income tax).

au pair sweden salary

Au Pair Sweden conditions and working hours

The Au Pair program in Sweden means your stay as a full-fledged member of the Swedish family. Both working and friendly relations are created between the Au Pair and the host family during the duration of the program.

An Au Pair in Sweden works no more than 30 hours per week and 5 hours daily. Since the Au Pair program is a cultural exchange with the study of the Swedish language, each participant of the program is obliged to attend a local language course (15 hours weekly). This course is free of charge for the au pair, as it is funded by the state. Enrollment in a language course is required in order to obtain a work and residence permit to be au pair in Sweden.

The Au Pair has at least 1 day off per week. Working hours are flexible and scheduled throughout the day and do not exceed 5 hours per day. With the duration of the au pair program in Sweden for 1 year, the family provides 4 weeks paid vacation.

How to get a residence and work permit in Sweden?

1. Au Pair often applies for a permit at the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine. Registration fee is 1000 SEK. In case of refusal, the visa fee is not refundable. The participant fills in the Au Pair form № 131011. Submit your fingerprints, photo and application form at the embassy. If the outcome is positive, the applicant receives the residence permit required for Swedish border control.
2. Enrollment certificate in a language course (number of hours per week with dates).
3. Documents of the Swedish host family including family's invitation.

A work permit in Sweden (arbets-och uppehållstillstånd) is issued according to the terms of the au pair contract and must not exceed 12 months. Estimated time for processing an application is from 8-12 weeks.

In case of replacement of the guest family, you need to reapply for a work permit.

What you get:
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price 4830 SEK / month
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price language learning
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price private room
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price insurance
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price 3 meals a day
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price 1-2 days off
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price monthly ticket
Au pair Sweden Reviews | Registration (2023) Price time to travel

As all au pairs must pay taxes in Sweden, they have to register themselves with the Skatteverket (Swedish tax agency) upon arrival. Taxes are calculated from non-monetary tax benefits (food and accommodation) and pocket money.

Also, upon arrival, every Au Pair must register herself with the Försäkringskassan (State Social Insurance Organization). Insurance in Sweden covers disability and medical care.

At least one week before departure, every program participant must inform the tax office.

Au pair Sweden reviews

Soon you will have international friends, with whom you can spend free time, traveling or just talking about different topics. In order to work as au-pair in Sweden one must receive two documents: work permit and residence permit. The work permit is got before your departure to Sweden and residence permit you will have in Sweden. Discover Sweden and learn all the best of this country!

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