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What is the Au Pair USA program

Au Pair USA is a chance to visit a country of great opportunities and vibrant social life. Au pair program in the USA will allow you to visit the country, bring home an American souvenir and also become a full-fledged member of the host family in America. No, no, this does not mean that you need to change your Ukrainian citizenship to American and say goodbye to your loved ones at home forever.

What is USA and why should you be au pair there

If you decide to go to the United States, then you have definitely made a route to all the attractions that you will visit on your weekends and holidays. And for those who do not have enough time to explore the memorable places of the United States of America, there is a universal list of must-see places and take a couple of photos.

Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) 18-26 years
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) know foreign language
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) childcare experience
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) without bad habits
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) be active
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) driving license
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) become a part of the host family
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) do not have own children

Also you can be impressed with not only travelling, but being in a place, where the host family leaves, because the social life in the USA is very active. But you should bear in mind, that not everyone can take part in Au-pair USA program, as the requirements to future candidates are quite high: advanced English, availability of childcare experience, driving license, pedagogical education, etc.

What does the au pair program in the USA give and what you need to participate in it

Many Hollywood stars have began to build their careers in the United States of America. No wonder this place was called the country of great opportunities. Everyone here really has a chance to improve their well-being and life in general. However, not everyone knows how to properly use this perspective for a better life.

The US au pair program offers to take advantage of this unique chance to make your life brighter, diversify it with new acquaintances, knowledge, skills and invaluable experience of communicating with children.

International cultural exchange au pair USA allows you to work in an American family as a nanny or perform light household duties, where you will carry out simple assignments of "parents", for which pocket money (around 800 USD per months) is paid.

Another pleasant bonus from the au pair USA program is attending English courses. In an unobtrusive playful way, you will gain experience in foreign communication and hone the skills of real American speech with native speakers. And you will not have to pay for all this at all, since these language courses are financially provided by your host family.

Au pair USA requirements

If you meet all above mentioned qualities - you are eligible to take part in a US aupair program.

In order to avoid unforeseen situations, problems or misunderstandings with a new family, the best way is to understand and accept the au pair duties and responsibilities in the host family, as well as the responsibilities of the family itself and your coordinators. More details in the table below.

Duties and responsibilities

Au pair

US host family


Take care of children during working hours Provide a separate room and 3 meals a day to the au pair USA participant Organization of initial meetings of the participant with the family to meet and build working relationships
Help the child with homework and / or play educational games with him (especially with young children) Schedule an optimal work plan with a load of no more than 45 hours a week and 10 hours a day Consultation on obtaining all documents
Prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners for children (sometimes for the whole family) Treat an au pair USA participant like a full family member: spend time together at home and abroad, travel together and explore the culture of America, help with learning English and involve in all family activities Monthly communication with an au pair USA participant and year-round organization of common activities between other representatives of the exchange program
To keep up the children's and own room tidy Do not overload with an excessive list of household chores Provide contacts of other au pair USA members nearby
Bring children to the school or kindergarten in the morning and pick them up Provide days-off to an au pair to fully relax once a week (minimum) Timely response to questions and concerns of au pair participants in the USA
Participate in the social life of the family Pay 2 weeks vacation Help in resolving conflicts with the family

What you get:
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) $146 - $195 / week
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) 3 meals a day
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) language learning
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) private room
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) insurance
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) transfer to USA
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) monthly ticket or car
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) 1,5 day off
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) time to travel
Au pair USA Reviews | Requirements | Cost (2023) opportunity to extend the program to 12 months

In order to join hundreds of satisfied participants in the au pair USA Ukraine program, you need to do the following:

  1. Fill out a questionnaire in which you indicate all reliable data about yourself and wishes about the future place of residence in the states (the application is made in English);
  2. Take a short test confirming your proficiency in English at an advanced level;
  3. Sign an agreement that lists all the conditions of the program and your rights (be sure to carefully read all points to avoid conflict situations);
  4. Get coordinators from the company that took over the organization of au pair program in the USA (local representatives will accompany you remotely throughout your stay in the states and help you with resolving conflicts and illegible situations);
  5. Obtain an American visa J-1 (you must pass an interview at the US Embassy in Kyiv, ​​and obtain permission from a representative to visit the United States and stay in this country for a mentioned period);
  6. Arrive in the United States of America and get acquainted with the host family (this point is possible only after successfully completing all the previous ones).

au pair usa visa

The list of required documents for participation in the international exchange program au pair USA Ukraine:

The list of documents to be au pair in USA is easy to collect. Our company and US sponsor will help you in getting the necessary documents for visa applying. You can read reviews from our experienced participants about au pair in the USA. There are few negative opinions about this program in the entire world wide web.

Au pair USA reviews

Several reasons to choose Connect Abroad Corporation:

Here is a list of what the United States can surprise any (even the most demanding) tourist:

  1. Yellowstone National Park with unsurpassed nature and hot springs.
  2. Washington Museum of Natural History, after visiting which, for a long time you will be impressed by what you have seen: more than 100 million specimens of flora and fauna, as well as minerals, rocks, archaeological artifacts and minerals.
  3. Niagara Falls, more than 50 meters high! This famous reservoir from the first minutes fascinates with its uniqueness and beauty. There is no need to talk about this eighth wonder of the world, you need to see it and admire its magnificent nature.
  4. Walk of Fame, annually supplemented with new names on the five-pointed floor stars. The area itself is a series of long alleys with a brass star on the sidewalk. The view of this street is quite impressive and the frequent free performances of street musicians liven up this place and add drive to the life of every passer-by.
  5. Central Park of New York with a small area but very beautiful nature around. If you want to be alone with nature, away from the boiling city life, then this place is what you need. Despite the large crowd of people, there really is a place in this park to be alone with yourself, read your favorite book or just sit with good company.

Without a doubt, this list can be supplemented by other places that you will visit. Whatever it was, but the United States is a country, not only of great opportunities, but also of great memories.

Bring more highlights and experiences to your daily routine! Spend an unforgettable year with friendly and cheerful people, immerse yourself in the bustling life in the USA and just enjoy the new opportunities that the au pair USA Ukraine program will open.

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