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Seasonal work in Austria for students during summer break

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Seasonal jobs for students in Austria

Seasonal work in Austria is an unforgettable international experience, travel, practice German with locals, meeting new people and cultures. Work in Austria is a cultural exchange program for students with German (minimum A1 and above). Work and Travel Austria is a work for students during their break at the university. Winter work in Austria is more popular for students than summer work. Work in Austria for students is offered in the service sector.

Work and Travel programs are organized only with the support of trusted employers and have a special place in the employment market, which offers students favorable working conditions and the support of a coordinator in Austria.

Work and Travel Austria requirements

Work and Travel Germany Requirements
Work And Travel Austria - Registration, Cost (2023) age: 18-30
Work And Travel Austria - Registration, Cost (2023) min A1 German
Work And Travel Austria - Registration, Cost (2023) currently enrolled student

Financial component

It is worth noting the low cost of the program, which is paid off in half a month. Additional costs: flight, insurance and the cost of obtaining a visa (if there is no biopass). The total travel costs are the same as buying a new smartphone.
The Austrian employer pays € 9-11 per hour with 40-45 hours per week. If you want or can work more, talk to your employer about possible overtime. In about a week, you can earn an average monthly salary in Ukraine. There are acquaintances or friends who are too lazy to learn German, show this information, perhaps, it will be a good incentive for them.

Documents for work in Austria for students

What a participant gets

What else is worth considering

The phrase Work and Travel is not only work, but also an internship in Austria for students. During your free time from work or on weekends, travel around Austria or travel to neighboring countries. Let's say with confidence that the program will change your worldview.

If you want to know more about the program - contact our company.

What you get
Work And Travel Austria - Registration, Cost (2023) around 1900€/month
Work And Travel Austria - Registration, Cost (2023) accommodation provided by employer
Work And Travel Austria - Registration, Cost (2023) necessary documents
Work And Travel Austria - Registration, Cost (2023) German practice
Work And Travel Austria - Registration, Cost (2023) time to travel


Is it realistic to find a job in Austria?

Yes, but it's difficult to organize the whole process on your own.

Where to find a job in Austria?

We do not recommend looking for work sites or employment companies in Austria, as this process is too laborious, and the preparation and issuance of permits requires special knowledge and skills to be submitted on time and in sequence.

How to find an Austrian employer?

One thing: “I want to work in Austria” will not be enough. In addition, vacancies and advertisements are difficult to find from Ukraine. We will help you choose a vacancy and a final employer, as our partners are constantly looking for students for short-term work in Austria.

How can a student work in Austria?

Students work mainly in the service sector. Hotels, restaurants, resorts or positions where professional knowledge and skills are not required.

Where can you work in Austria?

In popular Austrian cities: Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz, as well as throughout the whole country.

How long can students work in Austria?

Students can work up to 40 hours per week during vacations.

How to take part in the program?

Contact us.

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