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Having the opportunity to work and to travel is actual and popular among young people today. Program «Work and Travel Greece» combines such a wonderful opportunity in itself. In order to take part in the program «Work and Travel» in Greece is necessary to possess good skills of English (another European language will be a plus). The range of age to participate is from 18 up to 35 years old. Who meets the requirements of the program «Work and Travel» in Greece is allowed to be educated at Athens Academy of hotel and restaurant business online, then get involved in a work team at amusement parks or in 4-5* hotels all around Greece. The main job positions are: hostess, lifeguard, animator, waitress, etc.

Work and Travel Greece Requirements

age: 18-35
spoken English

All participants are paid the salary (according to the working contract) and are provided with free meals and accommodation. After finishing the program «Work and Travel» in Greece all participants are rewarded with international certificates, where the occupied position, performed duties and the period of work are indicated. This certificate will be of great value and help by being employed in hospitality industry in the nearest future.

What you get

free accommodation
online studying in Athens Academy
International certificate from Academy
2 or 3 meals a day
time to travel

Upon the completion of the program, the contract of which can be from 3 up to 6 months, all participants of program «Work and Travel Greece» have the opportunity to travel during 2 weeks around Greece. That is a great advantage to see not only the seaside but also the capital of Greece – the place of the most important sightseeings – Athens.


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