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Summer work in Germany for students

The main reasons for international students to be seasonal workers in Germany are to get international experience, to learn or master the language, to get acquainted with German culture and traditions, to travel not only within the country but also outside, to make new friends and to earn money, which can be helpful in paying studying costs. Work in Germany program or ZAV Germany – is a cultural exchange program, which is very popular among Ukrainian students, having German level (starting from A1 and above) but there is also possibility to work in Germany without speaking German. In Ukraine this program is also called Work and Travel Germany — this is a job in Germany during breaks at the University. Work in Germany for students during their winter breaks is temporary stopped due the duration of winter holidays. Ukrainians can work in Germany without visa up to 90 days (3 months) due to visa liberalization with EU-countries.

We organize work in Germany for international students, especialy for Ukrainians. Our company can help a student to apply for ZAV Germany work permit. What is needed to do, just to register yourself on our web-site or to make a call. After receiveing a ZAV confirmation from us, you can be ready to go to Germany.

Work and Travel Germany Requirements
Work in Germany for Students | ZAV Germany (2023) Price age: 18-30
Work in Germany for Students | ZAV Germany (2023) Price min A1 German
Work in Germany for Students | ZAV Germany (2023) Price currently enrolled student

Work and Travel programs are organized only with the support of trusted employers and occupy a special place in the employment market, which offers students favorable working conditions and the support of a coordinator in Germany.

Financial component

Low cost of the program, which is paid off within half a month. The costs are also added to the cost of obtaining a visa (in the absence of a biopassport), insurance, flight and residence in the country. In total, the total travel expenses will be the purchase of a new mobile phone model.

Average earnings per hour are 10-11 euros. Additional overtime hours are paid higher, but discussed with the employer. After carrying out simple arithmetic operations, in less than a week, an amount is earned that corresponds to the average monthly salary in Ukraine. If you have friends who are too lazy to learn German, show this information - it will be motivation to start learning the language.

Minimum salary in Germany

What is needed for a student to work in Germany

What does ZAV Germany participant get

What else is worth considering

The phrase Work and Travel means not only work but also an internship in Germany. Travel around Europe during your free time or on weekends. Returning home, try to remember what kind of person you were when you first read these lines and how this program changed you.

Learn more about the program is the best way to contact us.

MOST IMPORTANT thing: be careful, since 2016 scammers hide behind our name, show our license (which is publicly available, uploaded on our official website). What to do in order not to fall for the scammers' bait? If you find a program, for example, 70-200 euros and decide to save on the program and have already paid for it is not clear to which account, respectively, all the chances of losing: already paid funds, quality of services and the program itself. We recommend: first, visit the office or call our official phone numbers, which are indicated on our website and pay ONLY to the current account of the company, and not to cards of unknown persons, or pay in cash at the office of our company under a completed cash order. Otherwise, you will become a victim of deception.

Working in Germany reviews are below or on our YouTube channel.


How can a student get a job in Germany?

A student can find an employer but it is difficult to organize the whole process by himself.

Where or how to find a job in Germany?

We do not recommend looking for job sites in Germany or job placement firms in order to get a job. In this case, the German employment agency will deduct the amount from the salary on a monthly basis.

Where to work and how to find a German employer?

One desire: “I want to work in Germany” will not be enough. In addition, ads and verified vacancies are difficult to find from Ukraine. We will help to determine the position and the final employer, since our partners are constantly in need of students for seasonal work in Germany.

How to go to Germany for work?

The unequivocal answer: contact us.

Why Choose Connect Abroad Corporation:

  1. have experience in providing seasonal work in Germany for Ukrainians,
  2. all permissive documents (license of the Ministry of Social Security, accreditation of international organizations),
  3. direct employers,
  4. a sufficient number of vacancies.

We will find a job in Germany without knowledge of German but with minimal English. Otherwise, how will you communicate with the employer.

One of our students‎' ZAV Germany reviews

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