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ZAV Germany - Work and Travel Germany

Official work in Germany for foreign students

The main reasons for international students to be seasonal workers in Germany are to get international experience, to learn or master the language, to get acquainted with German culture and traditions, to travel not only within the country but also outside, to make new friends and to earn money, which can be helpful in paying studying costs. Work in Germany program or ZAV Germany – is a cultural exchange program, which is very popular among Ukrainian students, having German level (starting from A1 and above) but there is also possibility to work in Germany without speaking German. In Ukraine this program is also called Work and Travel Germany — this is a job in Germany during breaks at the University. Work in Germany for students during their winter breaks is temporary stopped due the duration of winter holidays. Ukrainians can work in Germany without visa up to 90 days (3 months) due to visa liberalization with EU-countries.

We organize work in Germany for international students, especialy for Ukrainians. Our company can help a student to apply for ZAV Germany work permit. What is needed to do, just to register yourself on our web-site or to make a call. After receiveing a ZAV confirmation from us, you can be ready to go to Germany.

Work and Travel Germany Requirements

age: 18-30
min A1 German
currently enrolled student

What you get

around 1900€/month
accommodation provided by employer
necessary documents
German practice
time to travel

One of our students‎' ZAV Germany reviews


If you became interested in education programs and internships abroad and would like more information, you can register on the site and we will contact you as soon as possible. In addition, we will be glad to see you in our office where you can get personal consultation for free. Also you may see the pictures of our participants of various cultural exchange programs, receive brochures of educational institutions and have a cup of aromatic coffee.

If there is no our representative in your city we will gladly communicate via e-mail Thanks to our experience in the organization of educational programs and internships we can work with you remotely until your visit to the embassy in Kyiv.

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