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Work and Travel: Information about programs, countries and eligibility

Many people dream of going abroad, but don't know where and how to start. One of the most popular opportunities to realize this desire is to be a full-time student. The Work & Travel program allows you not only to visit another country, looking at it with your own eyes, but also to spend the whole summer there! During this time, you can immerse into the culture of the country, improve your knowledge of a foreign language and pay off the program.

Work and travel is a journey not only to USA bu to other countries. Therefore, the features of the programs will differ significantly depending on the choice of the country to visit. So, for example, you can go to New Zealand in winter, when the southern hemisphere is warm. To visit Germany or France, it would be good for you to understand the local language. Below is a brief table on this topic.


Summer, 2-3 months.

English Intermediate

1-4 course, 18-25 years old


Summer/Winter, 2-3 months.

Starting from A1 level

1-4 course, 18-25 years old


3-6 months. April - October

English Intermediate

18-35 years old

New Zealand

Winter 4-6 months.

English upper intermediate

Sydents studying tourism/hospitality, 18-29 years old


2-6 months. April - October

English intermediate

18-35 years old

Why is work and travel program so popular?

It's not a secret that the name of the Work Travel program is well-known not only among the participants, but also among those who took part in educational projects abroad. Below we will consider three reasons why it is attractive.


The price of Work and Travel differs significantly depending on the choice of the country. Nevertheless, if you compare it with the cost of tourist trips, it is quite low. For example, the cost for the Work and Travel Germany program is only 300 euros, it will be paid off in the first week of work. Being a participant in countries such as the United States or New Zealand - called the overseas programs.

Foreign language practice

It is worth noting that the skill of communicating in English will not be superfluous, even in Antarctica. Intensive practice of a foreign language is an integral part of staying in another country. Nevertheless, many people abroad try to speak with Ukrainians very clearly, choosing simple words and uncomplicated linguistic constructions. Therefore, do not worry if on the last pair you did not receive the highest score for the letter to the Queen of Great Britain. Also, there may well be other Russian-speaking students nearby who can be asked for advice. Many, returning from a trip, only regret that they did not go with their friends. You can take this thought to yourself. It will be good, just in case, to notify others about your plans. Perhaps, one of them wants to keep you a company.

Real adventure

For many, this program becomes a trait that divides their lives into two. No wonder they say that going abroad is the same as flying into space. In addition to the working experience one gets, young people are becoming more independent. No joke, perhaps this is their first summer away from their parents, and even in another country! Also, such trips significantly expand the horizons and outlook, because one can deal with people of a completely different culture, who differ in both habits and worldview.

Imagine: at the end of the work contract, one will have free time, which can be devoted to traveling around the country. And if you are in Germany or France, then on the territory of all countries that have signed the Schengen agreement. For ardent workaholics, free time can be an additional opportunity to work and come home with a round sum of money.


Under the terms of the Work and Travel program, a working contract is drawn up with its participants, which is designed for a specific period. Having a second job is possible but one needs to check it out with US designated sponsor and ask for the permission to have it. It will be more difficult to combine these two jobs, as one may be given an unpredictable schedule or one simply will not have enough physical or emotional strength. Overtime work can also be an additional income, so do not hesitate to check with your employer if additional help is needed from you.

The program assumes that you should see the management system of a foreign enterprise in order to use the experience gained at home. In practice, this will mean that you are unlikely to be in the same job all summer. Remember that the better you work, the more the employer will trust you with more responsible and highly paid work.


The list of vacancies significantly depends on the choice of direction for the trip. For example, in Spain and New Zealand, the most common vacancies are in the tourism business. We do not come up with third-party vacancies to lure clients. Also, we do not consider positions associated with hard physical labor, which are beyond the strength of an ordinary student. Therefore, we do not send our clients to fish farms in Alaska and similar enterprises.

The position that you can count on depends on the level of proficiency in a foreign language. The higher this level, the more likely you will get a job related to communicating with people, for example, you will be able to work as a waiter, administrator or cashier. Are you physically fit and swim well? Why not try being a lifeguard?

If you want to work at the same job with your friends, it is worth informing about it in advance. This request is quite normal, the main thing is that you have approximately the same level of language.


Many people, especially those who are traveling for the first time, do not know what to expect, so they are worried about quite natural questions. For example, those that relate to their place of residence. Our company cooperates only with trusted employers, many of whom pre-rent housing to accommodate employees.

Getting to the territory of another country, you go under the supervision of a sponsoring organization, which will take care of you in the future. There is even an international online system where data about all students is stored: when they arrived, where they live, etc.


For the period of your stay in the host country, you will be issued medical insurance. Also, if you are injured in the workplace, the employer will make sure that your treatment is paid for.


Our company has been operating on the Ukrainian market in Kiev since 2010, being accredited to conduct such programs (listed in the corresponding list on the website of the US Consulate). Also, we have a license from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, issued in 2011.

In the United States, you will legally work while paying taxes.

Tax refund

A certain percentage of money will be deducted from your salary, which can reach up to 20%. Most of these funds are quite realistic to return by contacting us. We will provide you with a list of the required documents that will be needed for this procedure.

It is easy to guess that taxes that are paid on the purchase of any goods are not refundable.

Economic component of Work and Travel

Below one can see a brief table about the benefits of each program.


12-14 $/h. + overtime


11-12 €/h. Cheap program


10-11 €/h/ 35-40 hours per week.


300-350 €/month. Free meals + lodging. Opportunity to start learning Spanish

New Zealand

14,25 NZD/h, 30 (maximum 40) hours per week.


800-1000 €/month. Free meals + lodging

If you find it difficult to choose a suitable country - do not hesitate to call our managers and ask additional questions, including the cost of work and travel programs. We have a flexible system of discounts. If you want to go with friends or have already cooperated with our company, then you can spare some money.

Work and Travel USA FAQ

• Can I participate in Work and Travel program without the help of agency?

No. Even if you find an employer, it is impossible to take part in the program without an intermediary company in Ukraine.

• What level of English should a participant posses for Work and Travel?

We can conduct a free test by phone and assess the language level.

• When is the best time to apply on Work and Travel?

The sooner the better, so that to have time not to be in a hurry.

• How much does it cost to participate in the Work and Travel program?

The final price of the Work and Travel program is determined by the country and the date of registration. The closer to the beginning of the program, the more expensive. For basic prices, see the separate pages of this section.

• How to participate in the Work and Travel program?

Leave your contact details or fill out the registration form.

Useful Tips

How do I prepare for the program?

We will help you collect the necessary documents and prepare for your interview at the embassy.

The most important thing that you can do, even a few years before the trip, is to learn a foreign language. You will also need a record book with a closed winter session. Remember that you need financial resources to support yourself until your first paycheck.

Any position will need such human qualities as responsibility, attentiveness, sincerity, reliability and hardworking.

What to do upon arrival

Contact the employer and get to the place of work upon arrival. It is possible that employer can pick you up from the airport. At first, there will be a certain time to get used to work and surrounding - it is called adaptation period.

How to call relatives

As you are going to a highly developed country, everything will be fine with the Internet. If there is no wifi at your place of residence, you can use the Internet in any other accessible places (for example, a cafe, restaurant, etc.).

Why to choose Connect Abroad Corporation

Company has succesfully been organizing Work & Travel programs not only in the United States, but also in 5 other countries since 2010.

We also have international accreditation and permission to conduct such programs, both from the Ministry of Social Policy and from foreign institutions that are authorized to issue such permits.

Many of our clients have left detailed feedback on our activities and services, where they share their experience of completing the Work and Travel program, which you can find in the corresponding section.

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