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About us

Work and Travel, Au Pair and Internship for Ukrainians

variety of programs more than in 35 countries cities visited by our clients 2 million euros earned by our clients during participation in the programs 7000

Since 2010 we have been organizing cultural exchange and educational programs abroad.
We have an immense experience behind us in providing our services to Ukrainians.

We offer 10 main programs in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Among the programs we offere, there are the popular ones, such as «Work and Travel», «Au pair» and the new ones, such as «Live and Work», «Work and Study» and «Internship».

Our staff

In the past all our coworkers themselves were participants of any either cultural exchange or educational programs abroad. From this perspective we do understand our clients interests and demands in choosing the appropriate program abroad. Moreover, we are conducting and realising a program with high quality for your comfort and secure the realization of the program while being abroad. That is the result of professionalism of our staff, various recognitions and accreditations as Ukrainian so as foreign organizations.

Our Partners

More than 1000 partners in 35 countries. This figure is not so huge, if we take into consideration, that we are collaborating not only with EU-companies but with other companies outside of Europe regarding the program Au pair, especially, we have many partner in educational and language sphere worldwide. Imagine, you can learn English not only in USA, Canada but in Great Britain, on Malta or Cyprus or in Australia or New Zealand.

We have been cooperating with majority of our partners since the company was founded and to this very day. The reliability is verified not only by the signed agreements, the quality certificates but also by the time.

We are always glad and open to new verified partners to provide and realise as existing programs so new ones. Stay connected with us in our official social groups VK, facebook or instagram.

What we offer

Main directions, we offer to Ukrainians:


It's a cultural exchange program. The main idea of this program is that a Ukrainian who can meet all requirements, can live 1 year in a host family. You can look after kids and do light household duties while having free accomodation and meals in return. Bu the main duty is «child care». A family and a participant may only benefit from this program. You can be as an elder sister or brother to the host children, where the parents can rely on you in being engaged with the kids. You, as au pair, can have an amazing opportunity to reside for free during 1 year in a foreign country and to master your knowledge of foreign language. Moreover, you will be given pocket money for your needs. It is a unique program for young people, where you can feel and understand better the culture and practise foreign language in an authentic environment.

Mainly this program is meant for girls, aged from 18 - 26, knowing at least one foreign language: English, French, German or Spanish.

We do offer 3 countries for boys: USA, Germany or Spain.

Work and Travel

It is not a secret that this program is very popular among students. This is a great opportunity to live from 2 - 4 months in a foreign company, having an opportunity not only to work but to travel within the country. Although definition «work and travel» is associated almost by all students with USA, but such program exist in France, Germany and other countries. The main eligibility for all potential candidates - to be a full-time student. It is mandatory to know and speak the language of the receiving country. More detailed information you can get here.

Teach English abroad

For those, who know at least intermediate English and above, have an opportunity teach English in Asia. You will work as a teacher of English for Akids or pupils. The minimum work contract is for 1 year with the possibility to prolong it for a longer period. At first you are taught and after passing the exam you will be given international certificate, which is recognized worldwide. It will be your official proof that you are allowed to work as an English tutor. More detailed info you can get here.


A graduate, who recently receieved at least Bachelor Diploma, can work in USA according to gained profession. The length of the program internship USA or trainee USA can be from 12-18 months. As a matter of fsct, positions in IT industry are highly paid. In any case, you will earn enough money to cover your accomodation, meals and other your needs. Internship USA - is a very promising program. In order to get known the program better you can visit this page, where you can watch video and testimonials of our participants.

Work and Study

Education in Canada, USA and in another countries can be combined with work (allowed 20 hours per week). At first you may work in the service sector. Upon completion of your course you can work according to your diploma.

Every direction has its own candidate's eligibility which can be viewed on the appropriate pages. You can call us, leave you requestbut the best way to visitour office!

We are always ready to help people, who want to make their dreams come true!



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